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PLAY LOCAL! FC Edmonds is the home of Competitive Soccer for the Multi-Sport Athlete.

FC Edmonds is a Select Soccer Club serving players predominantly from the Edmonds School District.

We provide a local competitive option for players seeking advanced training and competitive opportunities to develop as soccer players. For those looking to play at the next level after High School, we provide opportunities to be recruited through our College Program. Please see page "College Fit Finder" for more information. We also encourage our players to be multi-sport athletes while still playing at the competitive level with FC Edmonds.

Currently, we begin all teams at U-11 (boys & girls) through High School. There may be birth years that have 2 teams, but this depends on the talent pool at tryouts each May.

Players will always have the option to remain in our top rated Recreational Program with Sno-King Youth Club if not selected for a FC Edmonds team.

All FC Edmonds teams compete in the Washington Premier League (WPL) through US Club Soccer.

Mission Statement

FC Edmonds pledges to be a local competitive soccer Club dedicated to the growth and enrichment of its participating members. 

FC Edmonds player-centric approach fosters individual confidence along with team success. These goals will be achieved through hard work, dedication and the complete commitment to every level of player. Everyone in FC Edmonds (family members included) can feel proud of each team in the club and our unique culture!

Our Core Beliefs

The Core Values Of FC Edmonds

  • Provide quality soccer instruction.
  • Create a positive and nurturing environment.
  • Give players the opportunity to play competitve soccer.
  • Reinforce non-soccer specific skills such as: communication, teamwork, time management, responsibility, discipline, and respect for all players.
  • Ensure all staff and volunteers work together, showing professionalism and enthusiasm.
  • Provide staff with continuing professional development opportunities, to keep their soccer skills and knowledge current.
  • Engage the whole community in our club development through a variety of partnerships and networks.
  • Players, coaches, managers, and member families will strive to be an asset to the sport of soccer and the community in which they live.

Club Philosophy

FC Edmonds players have Character, Passion, Dedication, Motivation, and elevated Work Rates everyday on and off the field. Players accept to put in the hours it takes to become a successful player. Every player has specifics roles on their team that they work to master. Mistakes will be made, but players learn from the mistakes and capitalize immediately. Each member of this Program takes pride in our Club Culture.

Our Formula: Structure + Great Habits + Consistency + Dedication = Success

FC Edmonds Players and Coaching Staff have:
-4C's (Commitment, Composure, Concentration, Confidence)
-Trust (yourself, your teammates, the system)
-Self-Drive Accountability & Self-Evaluation
-Work Ethic
-4 Pillars of Sport Excellence (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental)

System of Play:

At FC Edmonds, we implement a possession based attacking system. Our progressive possession philosophy focuses on playing out of the back, playing through the lines, and creating/finishing scoring opportunities. Defensively, our teams are trained to win the ball back as quick as possible using "team defending", while still maintaining organized defensive shape.

Club Curriculum:

Each team in the FCE System will use SoccerSpecific for all session plans, activities, exercises, etc. Coaches will be setup with a specific login that will give you access to the sessions.

We believe to reach the next level with Player Development, this will give every team and coach the best pathway for ultimate success.

NOTE: We have rolled out specific Curriculum for the following Age Groups:

-U-11 & U-12
-U-13 & U-14
-U-15 (High School Age Groups)

It will be mandatory for U-11 through U-14 teams to use Soccer Specific every Tuesday evening starting at the beginning of the season following Tryouts. The Director of Soccer will ensure Coaches are following the Soccer Specific Curriculum for ultimate player development. The sessions can be tweaked as needed with creativity and based on your numbers, but overall theme must be followed. This curriculum focuses on an attacking style of play based on a 4-3-3 formation with room to adapt as needed.

High School age-groups will be encouraged to also follow the curriculum, but isn’t mandatory.

The FCE Pathway:

Beginning with the Fall 2022 Season, it is the expectation that all FC Edmonds Teams follow the FCE Pathway to ensure the most successful competitive experience.

New teams will always start in the Classic 1 Division  (unless a given birth year has 2 teams, in which the 2nd team may play Classic 2.        

-The goal for most of our teams is to reach the “Super League”

-The Club will assist teams during this process with all resources available including guest trainers

3 Summer Tournaments are required for all teams with 1 tournament being a Club-Wide mandatory tournament

Coaches should encourage their players to tryout for the SURF ACADEMY

Coaches will all be licensed with the assistance of the WPL

Competition - Game and Tournament Play


FC Edmonds is a proud member of the Washington Premier League

The Fall League typically begins play the weekend after Labor Day

The Spring League typically begins play in late February


FC Edmonds teams compete in the Select (Classic 1) OR Washington National Premier League (WNPL) Divisions. Please check specific birth year to see level of play.


Each FC Edmonds team will play in several tournaments per year with one club-wide selected tournament each team in our system will participate in.


FC Edmonds teams are encouraged to participate in post-season play (Washington Cup). US Club Soccer offers multiple post-season tournament options.


Several players in the FC Edmonds system play for the WPL SURF ACADEMY. This academy is a pathway for players who aspire to reach the next level, who aspire to play collegiate soccer.

Coach, Player, Parent Expectations

OUR COACHES: FC Edmonds is proud of its coaching staff and the many volunteers who make our program a great place for young soccer players to develop on and off the field.
  • Understand specific age characteristics and needs of the players
  • Ability to develop individual and team skills
  • Ability to maintain the confidence and trust of parents and families
  • Willingness to commit the necessary time throughout the soccer year
  • Licensed Coaching Staff, Approved by US Club Soccer & Washington Premier League
  • A demonstrable working knowledge of soccer skills and game strategies.


  • Always set a good example for players and parents to follow, exemplifying high moral and ethical behavior.
  • Instruct players in proper sportsmanship and practice responsibilities and demand that they make sportsmanship and teamwork their #1 and #2 priorities.
  • Respect judgment of referees, abide by rules of the game and display no behavior that could incite players or parents (ex. questioning calls, gestures, etc).
  • Treat opposing coach, players and fans and with respect. Shake hands with officials and opposing coach before and after each game.
  • Develop and enforce penalties/ramifications for players who do not abide by sportsmanship and practice standards.
  • Develop each player to his fullest potential, giving candid feedback on strengths as well as opportunities to improve.
  • Develop creative, structured and FUN practice sessions.
  • Keep parents informed on practices, games, directions, etc.


  • Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing FC Edmonds: display positive public action at all times.
  • Demonstrate respect for opponents, coaches and referees before, during and after games.
  • Live up to high standards of sportsmanship.
  • Treat opponents with respect: shake hands after games and take a knee quickly when they are injured. Clap when they leave the field.
  • Respect judgment of referees, abide by rules of the games and display no behavior that could incite fans (ex. questioning calls, gestures, taunting, "show-boating" etc).
  • Cooperate with referees, coaches and fellow participants to conduct a fair game.
  • Accept favorable and unfavorable decisions, as well as victory and defeat, with equal grace.
  • Come prepared each week to practice (ball, water, shin guards and cleats) and understand that there will be ramifications for disruptive behavior- whether in practice or a game (ex. reduced playing time, sitting out practice, etc).
  • Be committed to the team for the entire season. Although we encourage the multi-sport athlete, our Fall Season should be a priority for all players.
  • Playing Time: Lineups are created at our training sessions and at times can be Game Specific. Playing time is always earned! Playing time is based on skill, adherence to the Team Expectations, overall attitude, continuous improvement, and ability to get the job done during a game. Each player must prove themselves daily. The coaching staff encourages players to meet with them regarding playing time, roles, or anything the player wishes to discuss at appropriate times. At our Grass Roots age-groups, it is the goal of our coaches to play all players in each game. The motto, "If you don't play, you don't develop."


  • Support the team and coaches
  • Respect decisions made by referees
  • Respect opposing fans, coaches and participants
  • Respect the Clubs Philosophy 
  • Release your player to the game
  • Enjoy being a Fan
  • Communication: Encourage your player to speak to the Coach. Coaches will not communicate with parents until they had had the opportunity to speak with the player first. Please respect the 24-hour rule. After a game, please allow 24-hours before communicating with the coach about a given situation.
  • Chain of Command - For conflicts, the Club Policy asks for Parents to first try to resolve the conflict with the Coach. If this isn't effective, Parents can then involve the Director of Soccer for further review.
  • Attend the Club-Wide Parent Meeting each season
  • Players must re-qualify and re-sign for a team each year at open tryouts.
  • Any player who resigns or is released from a team will still be responsible for covering an appropriate share of team fees and expenses.
  • Players may not play on multiple rosters unless in-house with FCE. This includes both WYS & US Club Soccer sanctioned Clubs.


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