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"Everyone Gets to Play"

Every child should have an opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals and skills of a sport, the understanding of teamwork, communication and good sportsmanship. "Everyone Gets to Play" has been the motto of Sno-King Youth Club for over 40 years!

Sports are an important part of our society and youth sports provide opportunities and the ability to influence physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being. Youth sports helps children get ready for their lives as adults by teaching valuable life lessons. Whether that's learning about being part of a team, hard work, character, commitment, or just being able to follow the rules of fair play.

Your child's safety, health and wellness, social, physical and motor skill development, the ability to learn and understand rules and strategy of the game, feel good about themselves and their accomplishments and especially to have fun is what Sno-King Youth Club represents. All of these things must happen in a safe, nurturing environment where coaches are screened to make sure they are safe to work with kids and are trained to instruct and mentor as coaches. Sno-King Youth Club, an organization where: "Everyone Gets to Play" That is our tradition and promise!  

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SNO-KING YOUTH CLUB, 700 Main St. Suite 111
Edmonds, Washington 98020

Phone: 425-775-2633

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