Surge (Birth year 2006)


Coach: Mike Chung______________

2018-2019 Roster
Player Name Jersey #
Ben B.
Ben C.
Ethan S.
Grady O.
Jacob O.
Josh E.
Justin H.
Kai M.
Kellen P.
Levi M.
Nathan C.
Ollie Z.
Parker H.
Riley L.
Xander T.
Leagues and Tournaments

Surge is a proud member of the PSPL

Follow this link for league info.

About Surge

Possession soccer:

At FCE Surge, our philosophy of possession soccer permeates every aspect of development. It is the best way to develop players to become intelligent and skillful in all 3 phases: defending, transitioning and attacking.

Positional play:

We teach that every position is inter-connected and each has a vital role, whether closest or farthest from the ball at any moment of play. As a result, every player is required to develop positional awareness, smart decision making, skillful execution, as well as creative play.

Intelligence, skill and character:

While we prize intelligence and technical ability, we also value developing character, and becoming good teammates. No youth development will be complete without understanding these formative and daunting years of middle school. We hope to create an environment where players are safe to make mistakes, develop learning mindsets, overcome challenges, and build friendships.

If your son loves soccer, has the ball at his feet constantly, and is eager to learn, we invite him to tryout for Surge!