About SKYC

"Everyone Gets to Play" has been the motto of Sno-King Youth Club for over 30 years!

Every child should have an opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals and skills of a sport, the understanding of teamwork, communication and good sportsmanship.

Sports are an important part of our society and youth sports provide opportunities and the ability to influence physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being. Youth sports helps children get ready for their lives as adults by teaching valuable life lessons. Whether that's learning about being part of a team, hard work, character, commitment, or just being able to follow the rules of fair play.

Your child's safety, health and wellness, social, physical and motor skill development, the ability to learn and understand rules and strategy of the game, feel good about themselves and their accomplishments and especially to have fun is what Sno-King Youth Club represents. All of these things must happen in a safe, nurturing environment where coaches are screened to make sure they are safe to work with kids and are trained to instruct and mentor as coaches. Sno-King Youth Club, an organization where: "Everyone Gets to Play" That is our tradition and promise!

  • Sno-King Youth Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
  • Geographical Area: Edmonds, Lynnwood, MLT, Shoreline
  • Sports Offered: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Flag Football
  • Age Groups: Pre-K - 18 (varies by sport / season)
  • Youth Served: Over 8,000
  • Volunteer Positions: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Scorekeepers, Field Maintenance
  • Funding: Private (non-governmental)
If there is specific information and or questions you cannot find on our website, please contact us and we will gladly try to answer any questions you may have.

To inspire teamwork, develop character and strengthen communities

Core Values

By praising actions not results enabeling for fundamental development techniques.

By providing our participants with a quality experience and value in sports learning and life principles.

By treating the parents, players, volunteer coaches, volunteers with respect and grattitude. Adhering to the golden rule of treating others as we'd want to be treated.

By bringing together kids, families, communities, coaches, parents and teams to have fun, make friends, participate and learn through sports.

By adapting to an ever changing youth sports landscape while keeping to our mission of charater and team above individual.

By listening to our participants, consumers, advisory councils and our hearts.

By helping educate our volunteer coaches, parents and staff; getting better every year.

By enhancing the way we communicate and service all those that we service.

By being proactive and accountable in carring out our mission.

Sno-King Youth Club Operations
Executive Director Adam Quaintance President Steve Alseth
Athletic Director Ryan Camden VP Bill Kessler
Athletic Coordinator Janelle Hammer Treasurer Chris McGinness
Secretary David Ayers
Active Advisory Commitee Members
Fundraising/Sponsor Commitee Chr Justin Greene
Marketing Advisor Jason Hanson
Communications and Web Advisor new position (open)
Risk Operations Committee Chr David Ayers
Soccer Advisor Jim Beirne
Soccer Player/Coach Development Eric Foy
Liason FC Edmonds Soccer Jim Beirne & Jason Hanson
Basketball Advisor Chad McGuire
Basketball Player/Coach Dev
Club Logistics & Programs Advisor